Kings dairy owner tells CBC he plans to sell the business in 2019


— A dairy owner says he’s sold his Kings Dairy, a former ice cream parlor on Queen St. W. in Kingston, because of the high cost of milk.

The owners have since moved out of the building.

“We are in an absolutely horrible situation.

I have been trying to find a buyer,” said Mark Kroskopf, president of the Kings Dairy at the time of the shutdown.

“And I’m going to continue to do so.”

The owners are not releasing any information about their business plans for 2019.

Kroskops told CBC News the owner of the business, John Schmitt, is not currently employed by the Kings.

“The owner is in debt.

He is not employed.

He’s just been living in debt,” Krosks said.

“He’s been trying and trying to sell it.

We’re going to be going through a bankruptcy process.”

Krosks, who owns three dairy farms, has also been working to find the money to repair the ice cream equipment in the ice shop and repair the building and equipment.

The Kings Dairy closed in February.

The owner of a Kings Dairy in Waterloo is still in debt because he didn’t pay the $2,000 he owed to the city in December for repairs.

Koskops says he and his business partners have spent about $200,000 renovating the building, the kitchen, and the ice machine.

“They are very fortunate in having the owners here.

It was a good fit.

We’ve got great facilities, and they have a great product,” he said.

The King’s Dairy owners say they are grateful to the City of Kingston for providing financial support and assistance to the business.