Dairy Queen shakes are like a high-five to your tummy

Dairy Queen, you know what they say: shake it up a little.

The fast-food chain has recently been putting out shakes to try and boost sales, and the company’s CEO is now talking about introducing more of them to customers.

“When we put out the [Dairy Queen] Shake, we felt it was important for us to do it and to make sure that we weren’t making people feel uncomfortable,” Kevin Johnson told CNNMoney in an interview aired Tuesday.

Johnson also noted that some of the shake products are already on shelves and that they are aimed at a wide range of demographics, including women, people with autism and people with allergies.

“We want to get them to have that positive experience, and we’re seeing that,” he said.

The company has released about 100 shakes so far, with a few of them on sale to the general public.

It says it will be rolling out the new shake in more markets, but Johnson says he hopes to have it on shelves by the end of the year.

“The goal is to get it on every corner of the country and everywhere,” he told CNN.

“It’s a very small portion of our total business, but we think it’s very important to have people feel comfortable.”

Johnson said he plans to share his thoughts on the shake on Twitter.