Fox News contributor accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘condoning her husband’s crimes’

In a post titled ‘Condoning Hillary Clinton’s Crimes’: Fox News Contributor Admits Hillary Clinton Was Condoning Her Husband’s Crimes article In her post, titled ‘No, Hillary Clinton is not Condoned Her Husbands Crimes’: A Fox News columnist wrote that Hillary Clinton has ‘carnal knowledge’ of her husband, Bill Clinton, but not her husband or his family.

Fox News contributor Christina Wilkie said in her post that she was not sure what to make of the claim that Hillary had condoned her husband.

She wrote, ‘I have no idea what to think about this.

What exactly do you think is going on here?’

Wilkie’s comments came after a Fox News anchor accused Hillary of condoning her husband for ‘murdering’ a young woman who died at the hands of Bill Clinton.

In an interview on Fox News on Thursday, Bill said he would not be indicted for Hillary’s actions.’

I’m not going to be indicted by a federal grand jury for a crime that has never been committed in my life, by any man or woman,’ he said.’

My whole life is about giving back to the people, the communities that I represent.

If I can get a woman convicted, that would be a victory for me, a victory that would send a message to women across the country that they have no other choice than to take their own lives or to put a gun to their head, or worse, for that matter, for a lifetime of abuse by a man who has been a sexual predator.’

That’s what she did.’

Wilkie responded to Bill’s comments, writing, ‘The only thing she would say is that she had no knowledge that he did anything.’

She continued, ‘In an age when women are told they can’t speak, to be silent is not an option for Hillary Clinton.

She has condoned and encouraged this behavior.

That is a crime and she will be held to account.’

Wilkies comments drew a strong rebuke from Fox News commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Wilkie did not immediately respond to a request for comment from