How to Buy Pine View Dairy in New Orleans

Pine View dairy has been on a roll lately, adding two more stores to its network and a brand new restaurant in the city.

Owner and CEO Mike Nasonville told NBC 5’s Stephanie McCrummen that the company is thrilled with its expansion into the city and that he is proud to be a part of the New Orleans community.

Nasonville has been opening new restaurants in the U.S. and Canada since 2011.

It has also opened its first location in California.

The restaurant is the newest addition to Pine View’s chain.NASONVILLE: We have had some big success with the first location.

We are excited to bring the same excitement and the same passion and the love of our customers to our new location in the heart of the city, at the old site of Pine View, and to New Orleans.

McCrummen: We are also excited to be working with the City of New Orleans to help us get started with this brand new project.

The City of the future, hopefully, will look at us and say, “Oh, we love you.

We want you here.”NASONVELL: I think that’s where it starts to work.

It starts to become a reality.

We are also very excited to see what the future holds.

We look forward to expanding, to having more locations opening, and having more great food, as well.

We just feel like we have something here that we can add to the world.