How to Make Dairy Free Cream Cheese Cakes and Dairy Free Cookies with the Vegan Kitchen

The Vegan Kitchen is one of the oldest vegan-friendly food blogs in the world.

The site’s creator, Kate Miller, is an avid vegan and vegan-conscious person who works for The Humane Society of the United States.

In 2014, she launched, an online portal where anyone can post vegan recipes and videos, share recipes, and discuss recipes.

The features an ever-growing collection of recipes and vegan recipes, including one of my favorites, Vegan Dairy Free Chocolate Cake.

But now the is undergoing some changes.

According to Miller, she and her co-founders are “announcing the launch of,” which means that they’re going to be taking over the entire site, including all of its content.

Miller has been using the site since 2010 and has been a longtime advocate of vegan cooking.

But she says that she’s always struggled with vegan cooking: “When I started VeganKit, it was a way for people to talk about recipes.

It was a place to share ideas, and people would ask me, ‘What’s your favorite recipe?’ or ‘What do you think is the best recipe?'”

Today, however, she feels the site needs to “take a step back” and focus more on “good, clean food.”

The site is going to “be focused on creating vegan recipes that are healthy and vegan and free of artificial ingredients,” Miller told me.

The new site is expected to launch in January 2019, though it’s unclear how long it will be up and running.

The website is set up to accommodate a variety of diets.

It will include recipes that include a variety (and sometimes a few) of dairy-free alternatives.

For example, the site will feature vegan chocolate and chocolate milk cake recipes.

Miller says that the site is also going to focus on “cooking vegan desserts.”

The new website will also include recipes for dairy- and gluten-free dairy-containing desserts.

I asked Miller if the site would also include vegan chocolate-covered cakes.

She said that she had no idea about such a concept at the time.

She added that she would also continue to host cooking classes for the site’s staff, which currently include the vegan baking community at

Miller and the other two founders, Rachel Miller and Sarah LeBlanc, have been vegan cooking for about 15 years, and they are all active in the vegan community.

“I’ve had people ask me what the most important thing is about being vegan,” Miller said.

“It’s about having the courage to eat your vegetables without getting sick.

And I think that we have that courage and that we’re just starting to see more and more people take that seriously.”

What makes this launch so special for the Vegan Kitchens is that it comes at a time when the public and mainstream media are still overwhelmingly against vegan cooking, which, Miller said, “is really scary.”

The public perception of veganism is changing.

The vegan community is slowly but surely growing, but many people still don’t consider it a mainstream thing to do.

According the 2017 Vegan News, the percentage of Americans who said that veganism was “very important” in their life has increased from about 20% in the early 2000s to about 30% today.

Miller explained that this shift has also happened with her own personal life.

“When you’re a vegan, there’s always this image that you have to be this big, beautiful, glamorous, famous, powerful, or powerful woman,” Miller explained.

“And then you get to where people think that’s really, really unrealistic.

There are so many different people who are vegan and so many people who don’t feel that way, so there’s this very real fear and stigma that comes along with being vegan.

So, we’ve been really inspired by people who have been really brave and they’ve done it, and we’ve also been inspired by the other people who’ve done vegan cooking and are doing it for their families.”

So, is vegan cooking a mainstream trend?

For Miller, the answer is yes.

“There’s definitely a lot of mainstream people who want to cook vegan and they’re embracing it and they love it,” Miller added.

“We see people who cook for a living, and some people are in positions of power who are really excited about it, who have a lot to contribute to it.”

And that’s why she feels that is “the perfect place to celebrate the vegan lifestyle and to have that conversation about it.

That’s why we’re so excited about the new site.”

For me, this launch is also the perfect moment for a vegan to take a step away from the mainstream and into the mainstream.

As a parent, I am deeply supportive of Miller’s decision to focus more and