Dairy Queen breakfast dubuques ‘dairy-free’ for the next 3 months

Dairy Queen has launched the “Dairy Queen Dubuque” breakfast breakfast.

The breakfast is based on the brand’s original Dairy Queen Dubues, which was the first breakfast menu that Dairy Queen had launched in Canada.

The Dubuques were dairy-free versions of the original Dubuqs, which came out in 1986 and 1988.

The new breakfast menu has all-natural ingredients, like avocado, almond milk and whole grains, which Dairy Queen says make it the healthiest breakfast you can eat.

The menu has been named the “Best Breakfast in Canada” and it is available in stores and online through February 12.

Dairy Queen spokesperson Stephanie Gorman said the breakfast menu was developed for Dairy Queen’s loyal customers.

“It’s a healthy breakfast with a variety of healthy options,” she said.

“We want our customers to be happy and to feel good, so we wanted to take the best ingredients and use them to make something that was also super delicious.”

Dairy Queen launched its first breakfast in 1988 with a similar menu.

The brand also launched a breakfast buffet in 2016, and a breakfast menu in 2017.

The company is currently in talks with grocery chain Coles to bring the breakfast concept to the grocery store, but no decisions have been made.

The Breakfast menu is available at Coles and other grocery stores.

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