What you need to know about the Dairy Queen closing

Dairy Queen is closing its Las Vegas restaurant and closing its two Las Vegas locations.

The Dairy Queen in Las Vegas will close March 10, and the Dairy King in Las Cruces will close May 10.

In Las Vegas, Dairy Queen said it will no longer serve ice cream.

Dairy King is moving its locations to Las Vegas.

Dairy Queen announced plans to close two locations in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and a third location in Las Mesa, Arizona.

In Nevada, Dairy King and Dairy Queen will be closed April 11, and Dairy King will close April 16.

The two Las Vegans in Las Palmas are expected to open April 18.

In New York City, Dairy Kings will be closing March 22.

The Darden Restaurants and Catering company said Thursday it will be reopening its New York and Los Angeles locations.

Darden said the company will focus on serving fresh, locally made food.

In San Francisco, Darden announced plans for a second location in San Francisco.

In Phoenix, Danchy will open its first Phoenix location on June 23.

The new Danchys in Phoenix will open March 18.