‘Ruthless’ dairy queen lubbs cow’s calf

Lubbock ranchers have taken their complaints to the state Department of Agriculture, and the agency is taking action.

The Lubbocks dairy queen says she’s been in legal trouble for years over her ownership of cows, but has not been charged with a crime.

The state has been called on to take action, and Lubbicks dairy queen is among the complainants who filed a complaint with the agency on Tuesday.

Lubbocks’ dairy Queen Lori Lubbels says she owns and operates an animal husbandry operation.

She says the complaint came after a neighbor complained about cows grazing on her land.

Lori Lubbons neighbors say they don’t live near the dairy queen and her cows.

They say they’re upset because she doesn’t use a lot of antibiotics, and that she doesn, too, use live cattle.

Lobbels says it’s because she wants to maintain the environment and not destroy the grass.

She’s also unhappy that Lubb’s cows are not being killed for grazing on pasture.

She said the cows have not been given the antibiotics necessary for the cattle to be sick.