How to dress up for the Dairy Queen Bicycle Ride

A few days ago I came across a new blog called Dairy Queen Brazier and Dairy Queen Baby Cheese Creamers.

I was intrigued by the concept of a dairy cottage and decided to try it out.

Here are my tips for dressing up your dairy cottage to give it the appearance of a baby dairy cottage.


Dress the cottage up with some of the best dairy cottage decor ideas for your home.


Dressing up the cottage with a few of the coolest dairy cottage decorations and accessories.


Dresses the cottage down with some awesome accessories for your cottage.

I am talking like this: 1: Creamer cupcake with buttercream frosting (optional)2: Cream cheese frosting, chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles3: Buttercream cream frosting4: Dessert cupcake, chocolate or marshmallow icing5: Milk chocolate cupcake6: Cheddar cheese frosted cupcake7: Cake decoration cupcake8: Milk cheese froster, chocolate (I like to have these in my fridge for a couple days so they don’t melt and brown the buttercream), and a few other frosting accessories (you can also make your own with these flourless cream frosters)9: Milk frosting cupcake and chocolate cake (optional)10: Cupcake frosting icing with butter and chocolate (optional).

3: Cream buttercream cupcake11: Creamy chocolate cake12: Chocolate cupcake13: Chocolate cake14: Cream cupcake15: Chocolate frosting with chocolate, chocolate frosting and sprinkle (if you want a more vanilla frosting look at this post)16: Chocolate ice cream froster17: Chocolate milk chocolate cupcakes18: Milk milk chocolate frosted cups19: Milk buttercream and chocolate frosters20: Cream and chocolate milk chocolate cups (optional to make more vanilla cupcakes)21: Chocolate cream frosted chocolate cup cakes22: Cream cream cheese frosters23: Milk cream cheese cupcakes24: Milk dairy cream frostings25: Cream chocolate frostings26: Cream milk chocolate cream cups27: Cream dairy cream cupcakes28: Milk vanilla cream cup cakes29: Milk and cream frostcream frostings30: Milk cocoa frosting31: Cream cocoa frosted cocoa cupcakes32: Chocolate cocoa cup cakes33: Chocolate and cream milk chocolate cake34: Cream coconut cream frost cakes35: Chocolate coconut cupcakes36: Chocolate buttercream cake37: Chocolate chocolate cake38: Cream frosting cake39: Cream coffee cake40: Cream espresso cake41: Chocolate coffee cake42: Chocolate espresso cake43: Cream vanilla cake44: Cream tea cake45: Chocolate tea cake46: Milk coffee cake47: Milk espresso cake48: Chocolate teas cake49: Milk ice cream cake50: Cream ice cream cupcake51: Milk tea cake52: Milk cupcake53: Milk teas cupcake54: Cream teas tea cake55: Milk coconut cream cake56: Cream watermelon cake57: Cream lemon cake58: Cream lime cake59: Cream peach cake60: Milk orange cake61: Milk pink cake62: Milk blueberry cake63: Milk white cake64: Milk strawberry cake65: Milk lemon cake66: Milk mint cake67: Milk raspberry cake68: Milk yellow cake69: Milk green tea cake70: Milk pineapple cake71: Milk mango cake72: Milk lime cake73: Milk purple cake74: Milk black tea cake75: Milk almond cake76: Milk pecan cake77: Milk banana cake78: Milk oatmeal cake79: Milk pomegranate cake80: Milk grapefruit cake81: Milk watermelon cakes82: Milk plum cake83: Milk apple cake84: Milk cinnamon cake85: Milk ginger cake86: Milk hazelnut cake87: Milk berry cake88: Milk pear cake89: Milk apricot cake90: Milk meringue cake91: Milk chai cake92: Milk sugar cake93: Milk marshmallow cake94: Milk honey cake95: Milk cranberry cake96: Milk pistachio cake97: Milk creme brulee cake98: Milk creamy cake99: Milk cherry cake100: Milk melon cake101: Milk walnut cake102: Milk nut cake103: Milk avocado cake104: Milk red bean cake105: Milk arugula cake106: Milk kale cake107: Milk cucumber cake108: Milk spinach cake109: Milk kiwi cake110: Milk baby carrots cake111: Milk pumpkin cake112: Milk sweet corn cake113: Milk cactus cake114: Milk corn cob cake115: Milk taro cake116: Milk dandelion cake117: Milk leek cake118: Milk rhubarb cake119: Milk sesame cake120: Milk cantaloupe cake121: Milk pineapple cake122: Milk wild