‘Vegan dairy queen’ and ‘dairy queen’ to be honoured with ‘Vegetarian Dessert of the Year’

A vegan dairy queen and a vegan dessert chef will be honoured as winners of a “Vegetable of the Month” competition at the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual awards ceremony.

Catherine, a dairy queen, will be presented with the Royal Dairy Cake of the month in February, which was awarded for “remarkable dedication and dedication to her vegan diet”.

The award was presented by The Royal Horticulturist’s Association’s chief executive, Joanne Jones, at a reception at the Horticultural Centre at Windsor Castle.

She said: “I am honoured to be awarded this award for the very brave, dedicated and hardworking Cathy, who dedicated her life to the care and feeding of the world’s most endangered animals.”

This award also recognizes Cathy’s dedication to supporting the development of a vegan diet, with a focus on ethical farming practices.

“It is an honour to be selected as a winner of the Vegetarian Dichotel of the Months.”

Cathy, of Stirling, south-west England, has been a vegan for 20 years.

Cathy and her husband, Steve, a former dairy worker, are the founders of Vegan Cheese and Vegan Dairy.

She has also raised awareness about the need to protect the world of animals, especially the ones that have suffered from exploitation and abuse.

“We are really proud to have Cathy as a recipient of this award,” said Ms Jones.

“She has always supported and loved animals and to have her name associated with the world that she loves and loves is really quite incredible.”

As an award-winning chef and vegan Cathy has done some amazing things in her life, and her support for the world has meant a lot to me.

“Cats, dogs, goats and pigs, which are not considered vegans, will also be recognised.”

The honour of the Royal Dichotomay of the Years is very much something I will remember for the rest of my life,” Cathy said.”

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