Dairy farmers’ protests against GMO ban in Georgia

Decatur, Ga.

— A farmer’s protest on Friday called for a boycott of soybeans and other foods from a Georgia dairy farm.

The protest comes as Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal announced a new food safety law in the state, which bans GMO foods from being produced in the country and has raised concerns about contamination of the state’s food supply.

The state has approved genetically modified corn and soybeans that were originally grown on the state farm.

Georgia has also passed a law requiring farmers to use pesticides approved by the EPA to treat the seeds and crops grown on their land.

The farmer’s group, Georgia Soybean Association, has said the new law could cost the state $15 million in crop losses and could lead to a loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

A coalition of farmers and farmers’ organizations said in a statement Friday that the state is violating the right to food, including the right of farmers to protect their own livelihoods.

The Georgia Soybeans Association said in the statement it will continue to advocate for a ban on GMO foods.