What is dairy free milk and why is it important?

From The Independent article article The word dairy means milk that is free of harmful substances such as antibiotics and hormones.

But dairy is also derived from the milk-producing cattle of Europe and Australia.

Dairy cows are milk- and milk-dependent, and produce their milk in their own specialised, non-cow-like digestive systems.

For this reason, cows that have had no exposure to milk are more likely to have more digestive problems than cows that had been raised on dairy-based diets.

Dairy free milk is also a trend, with some of the best milk-free cakes in the UK, including Dairyfree.com, having become popular.

So how does it compare to dairy products?

Dairyfree, for example, makes a milk-based cake that is vegan-friendly and gluten-free, and is one of the most popular vegan cakes in Europe.

Its cakes have been recognised by UK Food Standards as ‘most dairy free’ for many years, and the company says it is now offering its cakes in more than 50 countries.

In the UK the cake is available in all dairy-free and vegan-free products, and its vegan-coconut-based vegan-dairy-free cake, Dairyfree Mini, is also available in the US and Australia, as well as in the EU.

What is the history of dairyfree?

The first dairy-Free cake was sold by Dairy Free in 2004, and it has been growing steadily ever since.

As the UK’s first dairy free cake came into the UK in 2014, it has grown from a handful of cakes sold at major shops to now being available in every major supermarket in the country.

The company has now sold over 30,000 Dairyfree cakes and more than 100,000 milk-only cakes in its stores across the UK.

The first Dairy Free cakes were first sold in 2004.

Source: Dairy Free website