How to take a break from the ice: Ditch the ice cream

A dairy-themed ice cream shop is coming to a New York City neighborhood.

The shop is in the building that housed Dairy Inn for years, and the ice maker has been part of the business for a decade.

Owner Jennifer Pendergast says she’s been trying to get a new ice maker since the original Dairy Inn closed in 2014, and has been working with local businesses to find a solution.

“They have been really good about getting this place going,” she said.

“They’ve been very receptive to us and very welcoming to us.”

Pendergasts hopes to open the shop next month in the Hudson Valley neighborhood of Park Slope.

She hopes it will be the first new dairy-based ice cream outlet in New York state in nearly two decades.

The Dairy Inn’s parent company, Blue Diamond Ice Creams, has operated Dairy Inn in Queens since 1996.

Blue Diamond had a deal with the city to operate it in the park for a year, but it closed in March.

Pendergrast says the business has been successful for Dairy Inn, and that she hopes to reopen it in a more pedestrian setting.