How to go dairy free in Mumbai

When you travel to Mumbai, you may be surprised to see the signs of the dairy industry everywhere.

It’s not just the milk and cheese shops, but the entire district.

But if you look closer, the dairy cows are just as diverse and colorful as you’d expect.

The dairy cows in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region are very big.

They have a weight of over 200 kg and have a total length of over 4.5 metres.

They are all white with cream, white skin and long white hairs on their tails.

Most of the milk is exported to the United States and Germany, but some goes to the UK and Australia.

In Vidarbhan region, there are more than 60,000 dairy cows, and they produce approximately 6 million litres of milk a day.

Dairy farms have been around in Vidarbhadra for about 1,500 years.

Today, the Vidarbhas are one of the biggest dairy producers in India.

Many of them produce products like cheese, yogurt, cream and milk.

The Vidarbhans have a reputation for quality and quality products.

The milk of the Vidabhadras cows is used in all kinds of foodstuffs, including yogurt, cheese, meat, beef, chicken, dairy, eggs, milk powder, sugar, oil, butter, and even cosmetics.

There are so many dairy farms in the Vidarbhadras region that it is hard to name them all.

But here are some of the top 10.1.

D’Yacu, Vidarbhatia, Maharashtra (Rome) D’yoacu is one of Mumbai’s oldest dairy farms.

This is the oldest in Maharashtra and the oldest dairy in India, according to the Vidbhatia District Dairy Association.

This milk is used for cheese, butter and milk powder.


Kottayam, Mumbai (Mumbai) The Kottayan milk is one-third of the whole milk produced in Mumbai.

It is sold in the market and in restaurants as well.


Aligarh, Delhi (Kolkata) Aligari is one the most famous dairy farms on the Indian mainland.

It produces milk for various food products like yogurt, butter (chickpeas), beef and cheese.


Pune, Maharashtra It is the second largest milk producer in the state of Maharashtra and produces over 7 million litres per day.


Dadar, Gujarat (Haryana) Pune is a dairy farm in Gujarat.

The area has been in the process of development for the last 40 years and is considered one of top dairy producers.


Jaipur, Maharashtra Jaipuri is one among the top five dairy farms of the country.

It also has a history of development.

The land is owned by a family that has been farming cattle for thousands of years.


Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir (India) Jammu is the only district in India that produces milk and butter for all types of food.

It has a total population of nearly 1.2 million people.


Nagpur, Maharashtra Nagpur is a relatively small area with around 30,000 residents.

It houses a large number of dairy farms and has an estimated dairy population of 1.3 million people per annum.


Kolkata, India The capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Kolkato has a dairy production of over 2 million litres a day and is one with the largest milk production in India and the world.


Kannada, Tamil Nadu (Kannada) Kannadiga is one out of the most popular places in Tamil Nadu.

It boasts of a rich history of dairy farming, including the production of a milk that is sold as an edible.