How to make cheese without butter, cream and butter, says Dairy Queen deal

Dairy Queen deals with its own crisis with a cheese-less milkshake, and is now turning to its customers to help out with the price.

The Canadian dairy giant says it’s working with several retailers to provide cheese-free milkshakes.

“We are pleased to announce a special deal with our loyal Dairy Queen customers,” Dairy Queen spokesperson Christine Schulz told CBC News in an email.

The deal, which is not subject to availability, will last until Feb. 15.

The deals are being rolled out across Canada starting on Friday.

It’s not yet known how many Dairy Queen’s stores in the country will be eligible for the offer.

Dairy Queen is the second major Canadian food brand to announce plans to replace butter with cream, after Starbucks announced last month it would replace butter and cream with cheese in its milk shakes.

But the company is also making a big push to make milk with dairy alternatives a more regular part of the menu.

“In the next few months, we are launching a number of new milk and cheese-only flavors,” Schulz said.

Dairy King has been in the dairy business for nearly 30 years and it’s been working on making milk alternatives a standard part of its product line for about six years.

That means it’s also trying to make it easier for consumers to make their own milk.

Schulz says the Dairy Queen offer will be available in all Dairy Queen stores.

“We’ve made it very clear to our Dairy Queen retail partners that we are committed to making this a more common option and to helping our customers make the most of this incredible new product,” she said.

“And with this special offer, we want to give our customers a chance to take advantage of a variety of dairy-free alternatives, so we’re going to keep the milk options in our stores available until Feb 15.”

Schulz didn’t give a timeframe for when the Dairy King offer would go live.

The Dairy Queen offers a wide variety of milk-free products.

Among them are chocolate milkshaks and chocolate milk shakes made from cow’s milk.

Other options include milkshaking blends and milk shakes containing goat’s milk and yogurt.