Dairy Queen says it’s the best dairy bar in the world

Dairy Queen has announced it is making its ice cream in-house at the same time as its US counterpart, adding to a growing list of companies that are making their own ice cream.

The chain, which sells frozen custard and ice cream, announced in a blog post on Thursday that it has made its own ice creams at the Dairy Queen in-store at the new store in downtown Toronto.

“The world has changed, and with that change came an unprecedented opportunity to bring the Dairy Princess to our stores and in-stores,” the company said.

“With the launch of the new Dairy Queen, we’re taking our ice cream business to a new level.”

We’re offering a new generation of customers the opportunity to taste our frozen custards and ice creamer at a truly unique, first-class ice cream experience.

“The move follows Dairy Queen’s recent decision to make its own milkshakes, which it has been selling at its Toronto and Los Angeles stores since last summer.

The move comes as the company has been under pressure from the food and beverage industry to adopt more natural flavours, and has been battling a $1 billion lawsuit from a group of U.S. consumers who said their drinks were not properly labelled.