Dairy Queen’s new uniform is a huge hit

Dairy Queen has released a new uniform in the UK that celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The new uniform celebrates the company’s roots and the fact that it has a huge following of consumers.

The new DYNY is inspired by the classic Dairy Queen uniform, which has been worn since the 1970s.

It features a range of vibrant colours, a logo that has been updated to include a ‘Dairy Queen’ stamp, and a range with a more traditional Dairy Queen design.

It’s the latest in a series of innovative designs that the iconic UK brand has released over the past few years.

Last year, Dairy Queen launched its first new uniforms since its inception, which featured a colourful palette of colours and inspired a new look for the brand’s range.

The company has now made its 100-year anniversary uniform even more colourful.

The latest version of the uniform, a black and white version, will be available in November for £24.99.

“The DYN has become a symbol of the brand and of the dairy industry,” Dairy Queen’s chief executive, Ian Dyer, said.

“As a brand that has built up a huge, loyal following of fans, it’s a great time to celebrate the brand 100 years on.”‘

It’s just an extension of what we’re about’Dyndons first official mascot, the DYNA, was born at the company in 1888.

The mascot, which was initially a miniature horse, was re-created in the 1950s, and became the brand mascot.

Dynda is still around today, although the DYR is the brand name for its products.

It was created to represent the company as a whole and was originally intended to represent all dairy producers, but the mascot was expanded to include dairy processors and the company has also featured a mascot for the dairy trade unions.

It has also helped the company attract new customers and keep the brand on top of its marketing campaign, which it launched in the 1970, and has continued to do today.DYNDON: DYNEURIA’S 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY A DYNDONEER’S VIEW It’s great to see the dairy sector taking up a role in promoting DYNCON and the products it supports, said DYANDA WESTWORTH, the CEO of the DYNDA group.

The DYNDRAS work hard to be involved in the development and implementation of our dairy and food products, to help us achieve our long-term growth and success.

I think it’s important to recognise that we are all a part of the same family.””

It’s a very important milestone in the history of DYNDON.

I think it’s important to recognise that we are all a part of the same family.”