How dairy queen hired: How dairy free lasagne became the nation’s most-discussed dish

Dairy queen Katie McCallister said she didn’t think much about the controversy until it became public in January 2016.

She said her employees weren’t allowed to use the phrase “vegetarian food” or “vegan food” and the employees didn’t even eat any of it.

In the past, she said, the word “veg” had been used to describe dairy-free products.

“It’s kind of like a word for non-vegetarians.

I’m a vegan.

I don’t eat meat,” McCallisters daughter said.

“We’re just saying vegan food.

After that, it was like, ‘Oh, this is crazy.

What’s going on here?'”

McCallisters daughter started using the phrase, which is also used for dairy-Free products, when her mother started making the product in 2014.

A vegan website is devoted to the brand and McCall’s employees.

She is not the first to use a phrase like that to describe a dairy- Free, dairy- free product.

But this one is different.

“I think that’s kind.

And that’s where the confusion comes in,” she said.”

Because it’s not just an individual word.

I mean, I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘You’re using vegan food.'”

McCallister said one person in her office, a member of the public, called her the day after the news broke, asking if she had any advice on how to respond.

“That’s really the only time I got really, really angry about it,” she laughed.

“I mean, we were just doing what we had to do.”

The name of the company that makes the cheese sauce, The Dairy Queen, is spelled “dairy” and “queen.”

The name of McCall and her daughter’s restaurant is spelled simply “Dairy Queen.”

It’s a line that’s used frequently in the food world, even by vegans.

But McCall said she and her husband don’t believe it’s offensive.

“It just doesn’t belong in the conversation, because I think we’re very proud of the word, and it’s an awesome word,” she told ABC News.

“Dairy is a word that means a lot to us and it means a big deal.

It means everything to us.”