Dairy At Glance
From Editors Desk

With increasing demand of Dairy Product there is great need for lot more milk.

For increasing milk production in the country lot more dairy animals are required, but that is going to take time. Best we can do is increase the milk production of our existing cattle and that is not difficult, if we simply take care of the nutritional requirements of our animals we can easily produce half a kilo additional milk per animal. This half a Kg.milk per animal in the country is going to make hell of a difference.

For this awareness is required; proper guidance is required and above all proper feeding is required. It is not necessary to give rich feed to our animals but the balance feed is most important and locally produced forages will definately increase the production of our cattle.

After calving the Rumen Bypass Fat is also essential now. Take an advice from your local nutrition expert to get best out of your animal and you are going to be benefited with the increased production of you animal besides country is also going to be rich in milk production.

Akshay Sadana