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How to store the Cheese

How to store the cheese

Storing of cheese depends on the moisture content present in the cheese and the temprature, on which it is stored.

First of all you should remember one thing that all micro-organisms need moisture to grow, this means that light cheeses have a shorter shelf life. Microorganism growth take place best at normal temperature as such you should store the cheese in the refrigerator to delay fungal growth. (Not in the freezer to maintain its quality and texture)

Try to consume the cheese prior to the “best before” date written on the package.

Keep your cheese in the fridge at all times. Take it out only before serving.

Depending on the moisture content the shelf life of cheese is determined.  

•             Fresh cheese can be stored for : a few days to 2 weeks

•             Soft cheese can be stored for: 1 week

•             Semi-soft cheese can be stored for: 2 to 3 weeks

•             Firm cheese can be stored for: 5-6 weeks

•             Hard cheese: 8-10 months

Soft cheeses are at their best when they give off an aroma of mushrooms and the rind gives in slightly when pressed with your finger. A very strong or pungent smell or ammonia-like odour is a sign that the cheese is unfortunately overripe.

When stored properly, hard cheeses can keep up to 8-10 months. Just make sure to keep cheese in separate compartment to avoid catching the food smell, as such ensure they are wrapped in proper packing material.

Akshay Sadana